Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Heart Journal Week 5

Hi All!! I didn't have time to post a blog before I left on Vacation, but here is my Spread for the Week 5 Challenge: Pieces of Me. We were encouraged to use paper piecing techniques and I used fabric as well from old shirts. That is where the images came from. Here is the description I had on the message boards:

So, the Pieces of me Reminded me of Pieces of 8. So I used that along with my pages. I was talking to my husband about the fabric tip and he said he had a couple old shirts so when I took a look at them I knew they'd be perfect, so the quad and pirate image are from his old shirts.

The page is filled with all things that when pieced together you will get me. Not that I am a pirate but I have totally fallen for the romanticism of the Pirate's of Old.

I decided to piece things together I would use no glue! Well, the next best thing was staples. I have never used staples in any of my designs before so this was challenging and uniqu
e to me.

Here are the Closeup Images:


Mia said...

that's pretty neat lani! i noticed the staples are in "x's"

The Wolverina /// said...

Of course they are! :)