Sunday, September 9, 2012


Just thought I'd share a little inpspiration technique. So after I was shopping at Target, I got my husband's body wash and noticed how nice the label was! So I got home and after dinner I sat down to make a card based off the Old Spice Label using Kaylee's Closet and Summer Treat accessories!. And here ya have it folks!

Next I wanted to show you the card I made for my friends "Martini Girl" themed Bridal shower. I used the Martini girl freebie from Sassy Designs for this card.  I used the sentiment from Stampin Up.



Mia said...

both are really cute but i'm really impressed with the old spice imspired one, that's pretty good!

The Wolverina /// said...

Thanks! That was just a last minute inspiration, I looked at the bottles when I was putting them away and thought, dang that is a nice label, I bet it will make a great layout! :)

Alicia Greenberg said...

I love it! Can't wait to have an excuse to send this out LOL :)