Sunday, April 22, 2012

FFF No Coloring Challenge

This challenge is WAY outta my comfort zone. It was so hard not to color but I managed. Kind of a simple card, but I thought it came out nice. I used a nestabilitie to cut out the background and used some pattern paper to accent. I was going for a more sepia tone but it just didn't want to go that way. I think sometimes these stamps and layouts have a mind of their own on how they want to be used. :)


Thanh Vo said...

Hi Lani! I'm sorry I've only had a chance to stop by now... but I wanted to say thanks for playing with the no colouring challenge at TGF. I know it can be so hard sometimes! Love what you did with our little show down girl. She is hot stuff!

The Wolverina /// said...

Oh thank you! I am just glad you did stop by, I was afraid no one even saw it. I love the show down girl, she is so cute!