Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just another day for Crafting!!

So after all this inspiration from the TGF Blog Hop, and not being at my craft station at home, I printed my New Years Digi of Anya and made an "office" card on my lunch break. I just had that itch to craft as I am sure most of you feel all the time as well? So here it is, this card is made items around the office. Fluorescent paper and I used fluorescent markers to color along with colored sharpie markers. I used a black permanent marker to draw the ribbon, and added a gold brad in the middle. Anya is colored with the fluorescent markers and colored pencils that I keep in the office. To pop her up, I folded paper and cut that and taped it to the back of her. I happened to have a glue stick in my drawer to stick it all together. I finished it off with a few staple accents and voila!! Enjoy!


Tracy said...

Oh my goodness not only is this adorable, but I love that your made and coloured it with office supplies....but then again, isn't that how most of us got into crafting :)

The Wolverina /// said...

Thank you! Yes I think it did start there lol! :)

Anonymous said...

Lovin those BRIGHT colors on this card! so festive! ~Stephanie