Thursday, November 10, 2011

He{Art} Journaling Week 16

I was so happy that this week was with hearts!! This month (and a few days) is our 1 year wedding anniversary! My wedding ring is in the shape of a heart so hearts became another favorite symbol for me. So I used our anniversary for the Heart to Heart. His Heart to My Heart (and vice versa). I "painted" the paper with water mixed with the Stampin Up ink refills and the frost paint from Stampin Up. It gave it a really pretty sheen that isn't in the photos like it is looking at it. I also added heart shadows to the photos before I printed them. I also used the "paste into" function in Photoshop for the little Heart Picture buttons. :) Thanks for looking and any comments!


Mia said...

how perfect!!! it's looks really good!

The Wolverina /// said...

Thank you!! :)